Small Job Quote Needed 20 Pcs U-channel Rectangular Holes

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  1. mklod

    We will be ordering 20ft of 1/8" thick aluminum u-channel from McMaster []. The channel needs to be cut to 12" lengths, and a 26mm x 42mm rectangular hole needs to be cut out of the top face of the channel.

    Please ignore all of the drill hits on the PDF drawing, we only need cut-to-length + rectangular holes cut for 20 pcs.

    Tolerances are very, very forgiving on this one. Only finish required is deburr/break edges so we dont slice any fingers during pump assembly.

    We're flexible over the next two weeks to get this batch of 20 done.

    Accepting quotes until end of March, as we will be making more of these this year.

    Please email quote to

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  2. Would like to give you a quote if still available. Will be emailing today or tomorrow

    send me an email if still available

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  3. i already sent u a qoute to
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