Request For Quote- heat treating SS 17-4 RFQ

Discussion in 'Forged RFQ's' started by boris pavlov, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. needed quote for heat treating stainless 17-4 to H900.
    material is in annealed condition A.
    small volume of 100 pcs small parts. weight approximately 2.5 Lb.
  2. Hello Boris ,
    My name is Mark Taylor from Keller Industries in San Carlos Ca..Here is our Web site
    Please Fax Quote and drawing and for heat treating to me at 650-508-1978 Attn Mark Taylor

    Thank you for the opportunity to bid on your job
  3. Hi Boris,
    Please send drawings and related info to for a quote.

    Victor Khurumov
    RPPL Industries Ltd.
    1261 Shawson Drive, Building A, Mississauga, ON, L4W 1C4
    Phone: 248-850-5871, 905-670-9991
    Cell: 647-551-6226

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