Small Job Quote Needed Crimping Teeth And Die Ring

Discussion in 'Milling and Turning Work' started by czcastermaster, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. czcastermaster

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    I need this for my personal hobby, it's for swaging brass tubes from .560" to .530" in an arbor press

    Just need one set of 1x Die ring and 6x of the crimping teeth.

    Requesting tool steel such as 303 stainless

    6 teeth should insert snugly into the ring to form a .530" crimping hole, thinking tolerance of .0005"? Have .dwg and .iges files of this.

    I know it's a smaller job but I would appreciate any help!


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  2. Todd Hinton

    Todd Hinton
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    I have a quote reqdy for you please email me at or let me know an email you would like the quote sent to
  3. I'd like a stab at this too. Email me at

    Need a little bit more information too.
  4. Pm sent
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