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  1. red triangle

    red triangle
    Red Triangle
    I have been milling these out on my milling machine but need about 100 pieces of each. I have been milling them out of .06 single sided copper clad board. I have another piece that is just an insulator.

    Attached are the PDFs for each part. Have IGES or STEP files if needed.



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  2. Hey Patrick:
    Are you still looking for a quote on these?
  3. Hi Patrick,

    I have a quote for you on these parts, but need your email address to send it over. We would appreciate an opportunity to quote it for you. Thank you!
  4. I will have a quote for you soon. We have a machine shop on the border of Mexico/California and we make these kind of pieces everyday.

    Thank you
  5. We offer FR-4 single layer to 20layer multilayer PCB fabircation, please send your message to
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    1 aware that with Manhattan construction the pads glued to the main board act as tiny capacitors which could be an issue for high impedance parts of VHF circuits. You can minimise this risk by using small pads (eg 3x3mm instead of 6x6mm) and using no pads at all on certain parts of the circuit where they are not required for physical support.

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  7. Amlie

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    Hi Patrick, We are interested to provide the quote in a future project, We will be happy to help you with the production of CNC turning and milling parts, Please Send me an email anytime, thanks

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