Request For Quote- RFQ: small axle and plastic wheel

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  1. Sirs:

    Please quote 1, 2 , or all 3 of the attached parts:

    1. A small eccentric axle of free-turning ss or steel, you supply. One end a plain shaft and one end #10-32 UNF - relief cut OK at base and screwdriver or allen hole on end. Small shoulder for bearing clearance. Flange may be on either end of eccentric. There *may* be a shallow spot drill to aid in swaging over the head in assembly (will delete if possible or costly). Pls quote 500, 1000, 2000.

    2. A similar axle, no eccentric. Pls quote 500, 1000, 2000.

    3. A plastic wheel of delrin, nylon, or similar rigid plastic, you supply. May machine or mold, and will entertain tooling. Pls quote 500, 1000, 2000.

    All parts to be part of a standard assembly to be repeated. Manufacturability changes welcome. Will entertain higher quantities for cost savings. Delivery time not critical; RFQ open about 2 weeks, pls. On-time payer.

    Gregg Carlson
    Tulsa, OK

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  2. Dear Sir,

    I here with attach quote for steel 0.50 usd /part .


  3. Please contact me at gregg dot carlson@gmail dot com

  4. Note: ends may be slotted or broached for Allen key at a suitable key size.

  5. email sent.
  6. small axle and plastic wheel

    Email sent.
    Thank You.

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