Small Job Quote Needed REQUEST FOR QUOTE - Dual Spline Output Shafts

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  1. The items to be manufactured will be less than 8 inches long, each end splined. One end having 40 splines, the other end has 17. A bearing surface is required to match a set of roller bearings. An image (paste up) of the completed item will be provided if you respond to this RFQ. [I can't seem to get my image loaded]

    LENGTH: 7.25” (approximate)
    Length of 17 Splines: 2”
    Length of 41 Splines: 2.5”​
    DIAMETER of Shaft (and major diameter of Splines): 1.25”

    LENGTH: 1.125”
    DIAMETER: 1.375”​

    Request you provide materials for this job. These units should be made of 4140/4340 or similar. These will be used in performance race cars and subjected up to 600 HP and 500FtLbs torque. Heat treating will be required, although may be accomplished separately by another vendor if necessary.
    After RDT&E, and market analysis supports developing additional units, small production runs using 300M may be required.


    1. Cost estimate for producing 4 prototypes
    2. Indicate if heat treatment is included - or to be accomplished by another party/vendor
    3. Method used for manufacturing the dual spline output shafts, i.e., hobbing, cold roll, or other (disc cutter, etc)
    4. Recommended HP limit if applicable (for DT&E the limit will be 450 HP)
    5. Timing from receipt of order to shipping
    6. Indicate if interested in producing the prototypes only, or ability to support small production runs. If interested in production, please provide cost estimate for producing in 300M, in lots of 4, 10, 20 units, or suggest lot sizing for most economical, small lot production
    7. Any suggestions, recommendations, regarding material selection, manufacturing, heat treatment, distribution, etc. would be greatly appreciated

    This RFQ will last approximately 2 weeks (ending 5 Sep 2014)

    Shipping should be within 5 business days of order.

    Payment will be via PayPal or credit card.

    If you are interested in responding, I will provide an image to better describe the final items. PM me here.

    Thanks you - Jim
  2. One end is 41 Splines - the other is 17. I made an error in the first line of text. Jim
  3. ThomasG

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    Interested in quoting

    Hi I am interested in quoting this job and capable of both prototypes and production. Please send the pic to give me a better idea of what is needed exactly.

    Thank you,
  4. PM Sent

    Thank You Thomas. PM Sent.
  5. I think I've figured out the image posting...
    Please note as a "Paste-up" it is not exactly to scale...nor "straight..."

    I can provide a sample of each end for your precise measurements once we reach an agreement.

    Cheers - Jim
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