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Discussion in 'Production Mill and Lathe work' started by A&B, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. A&B

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    I am looking for 2 pieces of the attached pulley. I am needing to have delivery to me by 3/22.

    Material: 6061 Aluminum - 4" OD by 42.625" Long
    You supply the material
    Qty 2
    RFQ Will End 3/13/19
    Knurling needs to be a medium agressiveness, to run 1" from the set screws the length of the pulley.
    Contact info:
    Ed Madsen
    A&B Packing Equipment

    Appreciate your time.

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  2. tje5k6

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    Are you still looking to source this part? Or other parts? If so please let me know by email. I would be glad to get you a quote. Best Regards, Tim Eckelmann Owner
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