Quote For Machined Spools - 32 Pieces Of Each Part

Discussion in 'Production Mill and Lathe work' started by A&B, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. A&B

    New Member
    I am looking for a quote for 32 each of the attached spools.
    Material is 2" 6061 Aluminum Round Bar - I do not need a quote for the material itself (I would like the vendor to include the cost of the material into the finished product).
    I would be looking for finished product in 4 weeks from time of approval.
    I would have the finished product shipped to me on my Fedex/UPS Freight account.
    This RFQ is needed back to me by 7/19/19.
    These are long parts that require straightening once they are completed (we need them to be nice and straight for our machine build). If any further information is needed, or to submit a quote, please contact me below. I respond faster via email.
    Contact info:
    Ed Madsen
    A&B Packing Equipment

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  2. Hey Ed,

    I've spoken to you before, I'm Bill Robinson, Tek4UFast in Michigan ..... do .esn't look like many takers on this one. If you purchase these over the years I would get set up to make them .... I also have a straightening press to get them all in spec before shipping. 4ft is a long poke so would take a bit to wring out .... just saying if the volume is there I would put in the effort to make.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Robinson

  3. hows it going
    we are mass machining inc out of council bluffs , IA
    colby heller
    we do cnc mill work and 4th axis work
    cnc lathe work
    manual work and repair
    interested in quoting some future work for you
    thank you
  4. TommyB.

    New Member
    Has anyone taken this job on yet. If not I would like to quote
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