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  1. I need to get this part EDM'd, the slots are just a bit too big to try to machine.

    Material is 4140HT

    Finished size of part is 13.375" x 15.5" x 53.6875"

    Quantity is 4 pcs, we will supply the material milled to size.

    The hole in the center does not need to be cut, we can machine that. All dimensions (unless otherwise specified) are +/- 1/16.

    What I need is a quote on cutting the slots marked with red lines, and your lead time. If you would like to add a quote for doing the radius, you may but it would probably be cheaper if we handled that ourselves. We can handle all shipping on our end.

    Any questions, please post here, all quotes please send to tom "at" magnoliamachine "dot" com

    Please, only stateside companies reply.

    I'll stop taking in quotes in one week, so I'll close on 10.20.09

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  2. Thanks to the few that quoted on this. We found a company to do this outside this forum.

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