4.5mm Stainless Pins (Large Quantities)

Discussion in 'Production Mill and Lathe work' started by A&B, Feb 17, 2017.

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  1. A&B

    New Member
    We are looking for someone to supply us a finished product to reduce the lead time on these pins. Current supplier is overseas. This is ongoing, reoccurring demand if priced right.

    4.5mm (304 SS) pins TG&P (.177 - .0005)

    8000 pcs @ 1.78"
    4000 pcs @ 2.28"

    These pins will then require chrome plating after being cut to length.

    Finished diameter no greater than .180"

    Email doug.true@abpacking.com

  2. i am DeMeo Associates, a family run machine shop and design support company.
    i am in need to more into to properly bid this work which it exactly what we do.
    where am i shipping this to, zipcode for bidding freight costs.
    what is the desired delivery schedule. and is there a drawing of the part?
  3. Land Specialties

    Land Specialties
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    Do you have a dwg you can send in pdf? Land Specialties has been making mold pins & bushings for the plastic bottle industry for over 50 years. I'm sure we can give you a competitive price. landspecialties@sbcglobal.net
  4. Doug
    A couple of questions.
    1. Do you need us to quote the chrome plating or is that something that you do on your own ?
    2. Will shipping need to be included in our quote ?
    Alan Giddens
    Viper Precision
  5. Sergio Maldonado

    Sergio Maldonado
    New Member
    Hello this G&A MACHNESHOP based in California
    and we are more than welcome to assist you in your needs
    in order to proceed we need basic information such as a pdf where is it being shipped ect.
    We guarantee best prices and great quality.
    if any questions you can give me a call at (818)290-0080
    or e-mail me at ga_machinework@yahoo.com
    Jessie Maldonado
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